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We deliver a collaborative, seamless, and top-notch custom software development procedure that puts your product vision at the forefront. you define your product requirements and we evaluate them to create a sustainable implementation roadmap putting into consideration the most important aspects of the product.

The Engineering process is not a one-off activity but rather evolves to keep the product fit for use and efficient in terms of output regardless of the dynamic changes in your target market or workgroup and processes.

What we do

Products we build

At Feyn, we develop a wide range of custom software solutions for desktop, web, and mobile environments in close collaboration with you and our team of experts across the world.





Feyn Engineering

Agility and Excellence combined to deliver products of great value

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Why Choose Us?

We Are Agile Driven

Our workflows are based on agile principles and frameworks that make the production process effective, flexible and timely involving you in every single step taken.

Focus On Excellence

At the forefront, we prioritize the quality of output and impact of the product in the market, we only ship when the product is ready and satisfying

We Evolve

We move by the dynamic trends of the digital economy and ensure that your product moves by them iteratively

How We Work

our workflow takes a 6-step cycle to have your product built to maximum satisfaction. in this, we aim at digesting all information provided by you in detail, and making sure we produce a usable, sustainable, and reliable product to serve its core purpose.

With you, we scope your product requirements including all the desired features, select what is important to you and your target market so that we can create a sustainable roadmap for the product to meet its core goal.

Our expert team of system architects, UI/UX designers bases on the product scope to design the logical flow of the product as well as the general appearance of the solution following the design thinking approach. The team’s core goal is to  design a solution that best fits your requirements, utilizing emerging technologies to plug gaps in your current IT ecosystem

The engineering team develops the software solution basing on the design provided and ensures that the product works in reflection to the official product scope. The team follows agile software development principles and frameworks to ensure that the product ships on time

 We look at the functional requirements of your product and its quality from a user perspective inline with the industry standards. We offer software quality assurance and testing, user acceptance testing and support with creating the official documentation of your solution for maintenance purposes.

The release phase covers deployment to your preferred environments, releasing of training manuals and reports for your target users to understand how the product works including the official product documentation.

We work closely with your in-house team to make sure the product is working fine. here we also identify and fix abnormalities, look at possible upgrades making sure your product evolves with the dynamic nature of the tech industry.

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