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We are an entity committed to helping you integrate technology into your working processes seamlessly, focusing on key result areas and growth points. eliminating drawbacks, making growth inevitable

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Let’s combine our technical expertise with your product vision to produce a robust and effective solution. with agility as our core approach, We develop software solutions for any work environment and industry iteratively adapting to evolving trends in digital technology that make your product stand out.

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Looking for a trusted Tech-Advisory partner?

We are here to help you create a sustainable digital transformation roadmap, break down the complexity of  your vision to great detail and collaboratively work with you to bring it to life 


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Your product vision, Our priority, here's some of the work we've done collaboratively with incredible brands.


Industry served- Health care

We worked with Medihub to deliver a robust cross-platform medical sundries and equipment e-commerce marketplace in EastAfrica managing the supply chain for medical products including vendors, couriers, and end-consumers.

Safari Wallet

Industry served - Fintech

We worked with safari wallet to develop a blockchain-enabled financial platform designed to make payments and transactions focusing on financial inclusion and improving the user experience of the target market.

Farm Portal

Industry served - Agritech

We conducted UX research and redesigned the product to suit the needs of the target market including an improved user experience and a modern UI design making a better version of the product.

UX Research, Product Design Fully Optimized

Introducing Conxept, a product innovation-based division to help you discover gaps between user needs and your current offering. combining UX research and product design, we bring your product vision to life making it more practical, and work towards the full implementation of the concept.

We help you visualize innovative ideas that make the solution outstanding, develop disruptive product concepts, and create the blueprint of the software product to fit the needs of your target market


What some of our clients say.

We were looking out for an experienced custom software development partner for our Medihub project and feyn exceeded our expectations. they quickly grasped the project deliverables and requirements. Their visual elements and interactions were minimalistic, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. they understood the product vision and worked collaboratively with us to bring the product to life.


General Manager, Medihub


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